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Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet is considered one of Shakespeare's greatest tragic love stories. In just 4 short days, Romeo and Juliet, fall in love, marry, and committ suicide. How many of you can say you have fallen in love that fast and strong?
But the play is more than that, is is full of betrayl, gangs, fights, parties and hope.

Romeo and Juliet Introduction

Below is the Power Point presentation that will introduce you to Shakespear's play and the various literary elements, characters and plot points we will study through our reading of the play.
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Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

Below is the link to the ENTIRE study guide for Romeo and Juliet. Be sure to only print out the pages for the Act that you need or else you will be using a lot of ink and paper printing out the entire packet.

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Romeo and Juliet Analytical Notes ~ Cornell Notes

As we read the play, I will be giving you analytical notes that will help you read more into the words of the plays and gain a better understanding of the meanings behind Shakespeare's words. I will provide you blank copies of the Cornell Notes template in class, but if you find you need more or are missing some, you can download and print the handout below.
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William Shakespeare Resources

Ultimate Shakespeare : This site has a lot of useful information abut the famous playwright.
Shakespeare Online : Check out the FAQ section. Also, check out the plot summary section for Romeo and Juliet.
Shakespeare Resource Center: This site offers a lot of information about Shakespeare, but also the life and times of the Elizabethan Era.


William Shakespeare & The Globe Theater

Shakespeare & The Globe: Encyclopedia Britannica's site about the playwright and the venue for his plays.
The Globe Handout: This handout breaks down the various parts of the playhouse and the functions they served.

Romeo and Juliet Papers & Projects

At the conclusion of our reading and study of Romeo and Juliet you will be assigned different essays and projects that will help you fully understand the themes, characters and plot of the play. These projects and papers will account for a good number of points in addition to your final test on the play, so be sure to put time and effort into your work.
Below are the Word documents you can dowload for the papers and projects.

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